Under Construction but Welcome!

Welcome to the future Osaka Makers website. This website will give information on the Osaka Makers’ Space and Osaka Makers MeetUp.

Osaka Makers’ Space is a project started by John Daniels and Ryan Carlson.  We will provide a workspace, access to tools of all kinds, and knowledge of their use to our members. We believe that knowledge should be free. Unfortunately space rental, tool upkeep, and cost of living are not. We hope to charge a reasonable fee to enable our love of making and free information. Our designs and projects will be available online for free for all people.  We strongly support Open Source Software and Hardware. We will also have free events for anyone to join, such as hosting Osaka Makers MeetUps and open house events. Eventually, we’ll even have our own version of a maker festival for our members and members of the community to showcase their designs and encourage the maker movement to take root more firmly in Japan.

Osaka Makers MeetUp is a group of makers who meet and socialize as well as work on projects together. We meet as often as possible, but sometimes life gets in the way. When a project is in full swing, we tend to meet every two weeks. In the near future, we will meet at Osaka Makers’ Space and by virtue of having our own dedicated space, we will be able to meet more regularly. You can find out more information over at: https://www.meetup.com/Osaka-Makers/

Please check back soon for more updates and information!

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