Sake Cup Making

This experience introduces you to basic woodworking. We make a small “Masu”; a square traditional wooden drinking cup. We will use the traditional type of wood, Hinoki、but we will use an easy version of box joints. 

After the cup is assembled we can decorate with our wood burning techniques. It’ll be a treasured, useable, souvenir for years to come. 




Samurai Yoroi Armour​

Samurai had their own styles before its introduction. Today you can see examples in museums, but they are extremely expensive to purchase. 

You will learn here at “Osaka Makers Space” how to make any DIY custom Chainmaille project by yourself. Our one day project will be a bracelet (bag or neckless). Then you can keep it forever.




Gunpla Making​

After a quick introduction to the subculture of Den Den Town, we’ll set out to scour the Gundam shops and get the items on your wish list. I’m both a lifelong local and passionate fan, so I know which of the shops will have any particular item.

If you’re obsessed with Anime, Manga, or Video games, then Den Den Town will have what you’re looking for.