Weekend Break! / 週末の休み!

This weekend on Saturday(July 8th) and Sunday (July 9th), the makerspace will be closed! Sorry, but we need a break and will be swimming in the Sea of Japan! We will reopen on Tuesday (July 11th) as normal. Thanks!


英語!でDIYレッスン(もできる)!手作りワークショップ6月~8月 “Osaka Makers Space” June to August DIY Craft Workshop Projects

Osaka Makers Space opened on April 1, 2017!
We have some beginner DIY hand craft workshop projects coming up in June, July and August 🙂

映像は子どもの机を作ってみようのワークショップです。This movie is from a kids workshop on how to make a table for the first time.

We also have upper-intermediate / advanced level workshops. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

写真はイメージです。Pictures are illustrations only.
作品が出来上がれば持って帰れます。 You can take your project home after the workshop.





メアド : makerspace@osakamakers.jp


DIY SAMURAI YOROI “Armor” Craft Workshop, Handmade custom Chainmaille bracelet. (adults and children)

Samurai wore wedge riveted chainmaille for hundreds of years. This style of chainmaille was copied from examples brought by the Portuguese. Samurai had their own styles before its introduction. Today you can see examples in museums, but they are extremely expensive to purchase. Sometimes costing as much as 10,000 USD. Modern made reproductions tailored to an individual’s size and shape can cost up to 1,000 USD. DIY versions simply take time and a few trips to the hardware store.

You will learn how to make any DIY custom Chainmaille project by yourself after 10 lessons. Email us to reserve a place in the class. “6 people max”

Mail address : makerspace@osakamakers.jp

写真はイメージです。Pictures are illustrations only. 作品が出来上がれば持って帰れます。

2. 英語!でDIY手作りカワイイLEDライトを作ろうサイエンス(科学工作)ハンダごてを初めて使ってみて科学の力を驚いてみよう!ワークショップ!
DIY Craft Science workshop, LED Lights Science “Solder and play with power ” project! (adults and children)

3. 英語!でDIY 木工工作ワークショップ!プレゼントにぴったりな、檜(ヒノキ)ワインボックスを作ろってプレゼントしようワークショップ!
DIY Craft Wood Workshop, Japanese Lovely Cypress “Sugi” Wine Boxes! For the wine lover!

 4. 英語!でDIY手作り革製品(本のしおり)を作ってみようワークショップ!初めての彫りも体験!
DIY Leather Craft Workshop, Handmade Leather Bookmarks to learn how to carve leather!

(adults and children)



You can see the Workshop schedule easily.

Open for business! 営業中!

Today is our first day of normal working hours. We’re still sorting through things, and trying to get our computer systems in order, but we can start accepting customers. If you have any questions please ask. We’ll help you find any tools you need until we are finally well organized. The 3D printer will be online from this evening, but the CNC will need a bit of work before it is going. Expect it to be running in a day or two. The woodworking and metalworking area is still a little messy, but it’s ready for use.  Electronics equipment is also ready for use. We hope to see you soon!


We Finally Have a Space!

Guess who’s coming to Nipponbashi! That’s right! We’ve finally found a space! We still have a lot of work to do before we can open, but we’re aiming for April.  We’ll try to have some MeetUp meetings before then, so feel free to join our group and come have a sneak peak or help out with the renovations and design. We’re a makerspace after all. It’s all about community and learning together.

For now, click on “Access” in the menu on the right for a map of where we will soon be located.

See you soon!