Classes and Services / クラスとサービス

At Osaka Makers’ Space we do more than simply provide a place for you to work on your projects. We have classes, projects, and services, too. If you need something not found on our list, please ask. If we can’t do it ourselves, we’ll find someone who can.


English classes for STEM (Japanese classes for STEM coming soon)
Computer classes for everyone (from email to building your own PC)
Tool specific instruction (CNC, 3D printing, soldering, welding, sewing, etc.)
Prepared projects for adults (see the calendar for upcoming projects)
Prepared projects for children (see the calendar for upcoming projects)
Electronics classes
Woodworking classes
Metalworking classes
Leather working classes
Sewing classes


Meetup projects
Mini-Bot Battles (Robotics Competitions)
CNC and 3D printer building
Multi-discipline art
Community service
Maker Matsuri


Repair work (computers, machines, electronics, etc)
Custom fabrication
Custom lighting
Store signs
Logos/prints on anything

More classes, projects, and services on the way!