Merchandise / 商品

We carry the following things in our store for sale. We will be adding new things all the time, so please check back often to see what we have available.



Item / 商品 Price / 値段 Picture / 写真
16 Mhz
Arduino compatible
6 pin GPIO
Arduino Uno Clone Kit
16 Mhz microcontroller
USB cable
9V Adapter
Half-sized Breadboard
Prototyping wires
STM32 Nucleo-32 Clone
32 bit microcontroller
Arduino compatible
32 pin GPIO
Arduino Nano Clone
16 Mhz microcontroller
22 pin GPIO
L293D H-Bridge IC
Stepper / DC motor controller
Supports 2 motors Fwd/Bkw
Chain Maille Bracelet
Half Persian Weave
One size fits all
Handmade rings and weave
Chain Maille Bag
4 in 1 Weave
Perfect for dice, coins, baubles, etc
Handmade rings and weave